Our Mission Statement

The mission of is to save home buyers and sellers thousands of dollars in Realtor commissions. is committed to providing the most cost effective method of connecting home sellers with potential buyers.

Our comprehensive marketing approach includes:
  1. User friendly website and search engine
  2. Detailed Listing Page including 8 photographs of your home
  3. Open House postings
  4. Local, national, and Cooperative Advertising campaigns
  5. Free Yard sign with your listing number
  6. Free Printable Fliers that advertise your home
  7. Automatic email to matching buyers
  8. A nationwide network of independent representatives promoting the website and your home also includes the following tools to provide assistance throughout the buying and selling process:
  1. Links to real estate related services
  2. Buy/Sell Agreement
  3. Disclosure Statement
  4. List of suggested Buyer and Seller Steps
  5. Glossary of real estate terms
  6. List of frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  7. Mortgage calculator
  8. Budget calculator

A Note from the CEO

I have bought and sold many homes, some with a real estate agent and some without. I've sold my last two homes on my own. I obtained a signed agreement for each home in less than 12 days.

Last year, approximately one million people just like you saved thousands by selling their home on their own. I am totally convinced that with an effective marketing strategy everyone can buy and sell real estate properties directly without paying a middleman thousands in commissions. The only challenge is how to effectively advertise to potential buyers. The Internet website and comprehensive marketing strategy provides the solution.

The Internet is now the principal way most real estate agents advertise their property listings. The Internet has replaced the bulky MLS real estate agent books with an easy-to-use alternative. Statistics show that 75% of home buyers now begin their search on the Internet.

Stop paying someone a commission to sell your property by advertising on the Internet and placing ads in the newspaper - do it yourself and save thousands! Together we can save you money!

Robert Kennedy Jr & Randy Pertler

Robert Kennedy Jr and Randy Pertler, CEO of

Stedman Graham (Oprah's Man), Randy Pertler, and Phill Grove (Millionaire Investor)

Randy Pertler and Harold McGraw III (Terry), CEO of the McGraw-Hill

Randy Pertler and US President Jimmy Carter