Presenting creative techniques of acquiring and strategies for controlling properties that are sold over time via a method by which the tenant obtains an option to purchase the leased premises from the landlord/owner at a later date for a pre-determined price.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Locate information on different types of real estate markets. Identify the property types and determine criteria that complement an investment strategy. Learn the type of data to gather to make an informed investment decision. Review the available resources that will aid in executing real estate transactions. Learn the tactics that will build confidence in looking for and acquiring leads, clients, and deals. Understand needs and wants to find and implement solutions that satisfy those needs and wants. Understand the value of effective due diligence and timely decision making to capitalize on opportunities.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - Understand tools and techniques for locating properties, developing a marketing campaign, generating leads, identifying and selecting qualified leads, analyzing market values, determining potential exit strategies, and negotiating with property owners to acquire investment properties that meet the investor’s goals.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Understand the buy and hold investment strategy and its benefits. Differentiate available funding options. Identify cash flow variables and obstacles. Understand when a purchase contract is necessary. Differentiate property ownership in a Mortgage State vs. a Deed of Trust State. Learn what title insurance does and doesn’t protect. Review the HUD-1 form and identify and calculate closing costs.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - Buy and hold strategy basics from property purchase through property disposition. Financing options and resources. The closing. Buying considerations. Understanding a settlement statement.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Understand a property manager’s role and the investor’s role. Understand the level of freedom property managers must have to maximize profitability. Identify key components of a management agreement. Identify typical costs associated with property management. Gain an understanding of some of the requirements and regulations of property managers.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - Examine the roles of property managers and owners. Learn how to properly evaluate the property manager and how to maximize efficiency and profitability. Learn the value of good reporting. Review some forms and documents used in property management. Gain an understanding of legal regulations that impact property managers.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Understand a landlord’s business priorities. Understand federal and state laws that apply to rental housing. Learn to find quality tenants through your screening process. Understand the process that must be followed when the tenant breaks the lease terms. Interpret responsibility for rental repairs. Understand and identify the required documents for a good tenant relationship.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - Principles of self-management of rental portfolios. Legal regulations surrounding tenant rights. Collecting rent. Rental contracts and other documents. Managing the move-in / move-out processes.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Understand the concept, advantages, and process of purchasing property subject to the seller’s existing financing. Understand the goals of prescreening sellers. Identify key points in negotiating a purchase subject to existing financing. Identify points of analysis when considering the subject to deal. Understand lender motivation factors and learn how to address those factors.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - Buying or controlling real estate using the seller’s existing financing. Presenting offers to motivated sellers. How to analyze the property, existing financing, the seller, and the market. Gain an understanding of lender rights.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Differentiate a lease option from other leases. Compare common option types. Select a finance method that correlates with option type. Identify when to use a lease option. Define option contract requirements. Understand lease option legal pitfalls to avoid.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - Learn the planning and strategy necessary to sell a property over time. How options differ from a standard lease, the best way to create options, the proper method of transferring title, and the differences between options and other sales methodologies. Examine contracts and understand legal pitfalls and other problematic issues surrounding lease options.