Purchasing property at a discounted price, putting in sweat equity, and selling the property for a profit.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Locate information on different types of real estate markets. Identify the property types and determine criteria that complement an investment strategy. Learn the type of data to gather to make an informed investment decision. Review the available resources that will aid in executing real estate transactions. Learn the tactics that will build confidence in looking for and acquiring leads, clients, and deals. Understand needs and wants to find and implement solutions that satisfy those needs and wants. Understand the value of effective due diligence and timely decision making to capitalize on opportunities.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - Understand tools and techniques for locating properties, developing a marketing campaign, generating leads, identifying and selecting qualified leads, analyzing market values, determining potential exit strategies, and negotiating with property owners to acquire investment properties that meet the investor’s goals.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Understand the process of buying foreclosures at auction and through REOs. Learn about property lists and understand the importance of working with a complete list. Learn how to analyze the deal and how to conduct pre-auction due diligence. Identify the key components to an REO offer.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - How to acquire foreclosed properties through auction and bank owned REO properties. Gain an overview of the foreclosure process and the preparations required prior to bidding at auction. Learn how to analyze the deal, make an offer, review financing options, and close the deal as well as what to do after the sale.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Understand the wholesaling investment strategy. Identify key concepts of successful wholesale deals. Determine the preferred wholesale acquisition timeline and process. Understand some of today’s legal issues that can impact wholesaling.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - Understand the reality of buying and selling properties at a discount. Learn the skills necessary to find and evaluate the deal, put the property under contract, and sell the investor’s position. Understand the legal climate surrounding wholesaling. Learn the marketing skills required to package a deal.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Understand the value of time in a fix and flip strategy. Distinguish the ideal target property for a fix and flip. Identify the steps to achieving a successful fix and flip. Decide which tasks to undertake when doing a fix and flip.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - Learn the purpose and “'how-to” process of fixing and flipping properties for a profit. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of various financing and marketing strategies. Review the acquisition, repair, escrow, and marketing processes.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES - Understand how to leverage resources involved in rehabbing. Identify the priorities, procedures, and techniques of successful rehabs. Learn to manage contractors effectively. Identify the benefits and pitfalls of rehabs.
  • MAJOR TOPICS - How to find the deals and conduct repair and cost analysis. What to do once the offer is accepted. Money makers that sizzle. The stages of a rehab. How to train your contractor.